How to Tell If a Water Main Leak Is Your Responsibility or the County’s


How to Tell If a Water Main Leak Is Your Responsibility or the County’s

Residential properties and commercial businesses depend on service lines to bring water to their buildings nearly every day. Sometimes these service lines need to be maintained or repaired. A water main leak can occur for a variety of reasons. These include a lack of maintenance, weather changes and even old age.

As a homeowner, a leak can fall under your responsibility or the county’s, depending on where the leak occurred. When it’s your responsibility to fix a water main leak, it’s important to have a trusted plumber who understands the importance of the job. Here’s a brief primer on how to tell who will likely need to deal with the leak.

When a Water Main Leak Is the County’s Responsibility

Your front yard might have a manhole or similar structure that houses meters designed to measure water use. There’s a pipe going from these meters out to the water main, and it usually runs underneath the street. A water main is simply a large pipe that connects to your service pipe, which carries water from the main to your home.

When a leak occurs, the county usually is responsible for any leakage that occurs between your water meters and the water main. The only exception would be if you don’t maintain the area in and around your water meters. These meters are crucial to ensuring your water supply, and they must be accessible for the county at all times.

When a Water Main Leak Is Your Responsibility

Did you know that as a homeowner you own the water service lines running through your front yard? In that respect, you’re responsible for the part of the service line that extends from your water meter to your home. If you detect a leak anywhere in your yard, it’s usually your responsibility to have the issue taken care of. That means calling a plumbing expert to get the job done.

Some signs of a water main leak in your front yard include wet spots or pools of water on the ground, sinkholes, rust or dirt in your water supply at home or even an unusually high water bill. If you detect a leak, shut off your water main and call a plumber as soon as possible. The earlier you catch a leak, the more time you have to avoid damage to your home, your property and your neighbor’s property.

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