How to Choose the Best Fixtures for Your Kitchen Remodel


How to Choose the Best Fixtures for Your Kitchen Remodel

If you’re in the market for remodeling your kitchen, don’t forget to consider all of your options for new kitchen fixtures while you compare cabinets and debate the merits of a backsplash. For instance, it makes sense to update your kitchen faucet when you redo your kitchen. An old, outdated one will stand out, and not in a good way if you’ve upgraded everything else around it. Therefore, you should make sure you’re aware of all of the options and latest innovations before choosing your new kitchen fixtures.

Expand Your Range of Motion

Traditional faucets only allow for left and right motion. If you’re remodeling your kitchen today, however, there are plenty of faucets designed to move beyond the usual capacity. Jointed arms, pull out spouts and other design features make it easy to accomplish more tasks at your kitchen sink, such as filling a tall container that doesn’t fit inside the basin.

Shed Some Light On It

Another new trend in the world of kitchen fixtures is LED light-equipped faucets. From a functional standpoint, this makes plenty of sense. A little illumination would be handy when getting a quick drink of water at night. On some models, colored lights indicate water temperature: flashing if it’s getting hot enough to burn you. Lighted faucets also have certain aesthetic advantages, creating a surprisingly beautiful display.

Go Touch-less

In the realm of high-tech fixtures, touchless faucets are among the most useful new innovations. Just a wave of your hand activates motion sensors so that you can turn your faucet on or off without touching it at all. This is especially nice when your hands are dirty, whether it be from food or other grime. Touchless faucets can also detect objects, such as cups, below them. Going touch-less can help keep your kitchen more sanitary and make your everyday tasks easier.

Style Matters

When picking out your new kitchen fixtures, cater to your own sense of style rather than what is most popular. Think about whether you’re likely to love it as much five years from now. There are so many different choices when it comes to style, that there is something to suit every taste. Modern minimalist fixtures often look best with a simple, understated decor style while ornate faucets can complement a more luxe-looking kitchen.

Other Fixture Features to Consider

When remodeling, you may think about whether you prefer to have two separate hot and cold knobs or whether you like the sleek simplicity of one single handle. Do you want to have a water filtration system integrated into your faucet? Do you want a pullout sprayer? There are a lot of choices to make, even with something as seemingly simple as a kitchen faucet.

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