How The Pink Plumber Helped Nancy Through A Sewer Disaster In Her New Home


How The Pink Plumber Helped Nancy Through A Sewer Disaster In Her New Home

We recently spoke with one of our customers about her plumbing issues and how The Pink Plumber helped her through the crisis. Read Nancy’s story and we hope that if the same thing happens to you- you will give us a call!

“One day the sewage began to back up and came into our home. It was pouring down the walls and into the basement. We had just purchased the home about three months before and we were in shock that this could be happening. After we had found out that a pipe had not been capped off and that the septic tank was full. We decided to call The Pink Plumber to come pump the tank.

Ant, arrived he informed us that our septic tank was not only overflowing but that the tank had never been pumped – for 8 years. This is a service you should do every 3 to 5 years. We had a two tank system and when we opened it up we found that we had solids in the liquid tank and that we had solids in the flowlines.

When Ant told me this, I was so upset and crying a lot. I was heartbroken that we had made a bad investment by purchasing this house. Ant assured me that he would get to the root of the problem and he did. He explained everything to us and walked us through how servicing the tank would only give us a 2-3 day break from the issue.

Our biggest issue became the money and we were told there was financing but we were still concerned. Ant called his bosses and the financial team and they were able to work with us. Not only was Ant able to get everything taken care of – unclog the blockage and repair the system – and help us save money.

The Pink Plumber not only fixed a problem that another company caused, but they were fair with the repair costs and helped us through the entire process. There were no secrets. You don’t find customer service like that anywhere, anymore.

When we talked with Nancy about her story she kept gushing about Ant. She stated, “Ant was a blessing in disguise and we are so thankful that he could help us. He was focused on customer service and making sure that every issue I had was addressed.” Thanks Ant for doing such an amazing job!

Anything else you want to tell our readers Nancy? “The Pink Plumber provides great service, honest technicians and they really go the extra mile! We will never look for another company again- even if we find someone cheaper or we can do things ourselves. We know that your team cares and that’s important. Sometimes, that is really what it’s all about.”

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