How Can I Tell the Size of My Septic Tank?


How Can I Tell the Size of My Septic Tank?

Septic tanks are available in a variety of sizes based on the size of your home. However, homeowners generally don’t know the size of their tank, especially if they didn’t have it installed. The size of the septic tank is a crucial piece of information that impacts how often it should be serviced. Failing to adequately care for your septic system can lead to unpleasant and costly consequences.

Tips for Determining Your Septic Tank Size

First, look for documents you may have that indicate the size of your septic tank. If you know the name of the company that installed your septic system, contact them to see if they have this information on file. The company that provided the most recent maintenance service on the tank may also have information about the size of your septic tank. Try to corroborate any information you find if possible. Additionally, your local county Environmental Health Dpartment may also have some records on file.

You can make an educated guess based on your home’s size. The appropriate size of the tank depends on the size of the home. Generally, homes with one or two bedrooms should have a 750-gallon tank. This number grows as a home’s square footage and the number of bedrooms increase. Three-bedroom homes should have a 1,000-gallon tank, while four- and five-bedroom homes require septic tanks with capacities of 1,250 and 1,500 gallons, respectively.

Find Accurate Information

While the size of your home and records you find may provide insight to help you make an educated guess about the size of your tank, it may still be just a guess. To know for sure, you’ll need a plumbing professional to service your system. By pumping and inspecting your tank, an experienced plumbing service can give you precise information about its size and condition.

Once you know the size of your septic tank, you should then find out whether it’s sufficient for your family’s needs. The wrong size tank may have been installed initially. Also, subsequent home renovations may cause the house to exceed the limitations of the existing tank. Having a regular septic tank maintenance scheduled will ensure your septic tank is pumped frequently enough for its size.

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