Home Plumbing Checklist: Tools to Keep Handy


Home Plumbing Checklist: Tools to Keep Handy

Homeowners often face home plumbing challenges that require their immediate attention. A variety of plumbing issues can arise and cause damage to your home. These issues can range from a clogged toilet or sink drain to a leaking faucet or hose bib. Since rolling up your sleeves to tackle a home plumbing issue is inevitable, it's wise to have some the most common plumbing tools on hand:

Adjustable Pliers

Adjustable pliers are required to make most plumbing repairs. This versatile tool is available in varying sizes for both small and large projects. Their wide-ranging adjustment capabilities make them ideal for tightening or loosening both large and small nuts and bolts.

Adjustable Wrench

Available in small and large sizes, adjustable wrenches offer the same sizing versatility as the pliers mentioned above. They work the same way a standard wrench works. However, they are adjustable. Because they lack the gripping teeth found on pliers, they are better suited for loosening or tightening nuts and bolts found on fixtures with finished surfaces.

Pipe Wrench

Pipe wrenches are one the many tools used regularly by professional plumbers. This adjustable tool is ideal for gripping, loosening or tightening circular pipes that lack a hex head. Pipe wrenches are used when repairing plumbing systems that contain galvanized or steel pipes connected with threaded fittings.

Set of Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are one of the most important components found in any tool kit. Most things around the home are fastened, secured and held into place with a screw.


A hacksaw is a handy cutting tool used to cut plastic and metal pipes. Although there are better methods for cutting these materials, this useful tool is inexpensive and has stood the test of time.


While few plumbing malfunctions present the inconvenience of a clogged toilet, occasionally, a toilet will fail to achieve its intended function. The plunger is your best friend when faced with this unfortunate circumstance. This simple tool — a wooden handle and rubber cup — is often the only action necessary to unclog your toilet.

Thread Tape or Pipe Dope

Thread tape and pipe dope are materials used to seal the threads on pipes and related fittings. Without it, your handiwork will most likely leak. The inexpensive material has a long shelf life and is a vital component to any home tool kit.

The tools mentioned above are basic but could be the difference between stopping an unexpected leak and incurring untold damage to your home. For answers to your questions, contact The Pink Plumber today.

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