Home Plumbing and Your Pet – Tips for the Homeowners

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Home Plumbing and Your Pet – Tips for the Homeowners

Your pets are a part of your family. They must be a part of your family, because no matter how many bad habits they have – or whatever damage they do – you love them just the same. One part of your home where they can cause some real mischief is to your plumbing system. Pets make special demands on your plumbing, so here are a few simple things you can do to make sure your pets and your pipes get along.

Look Out for Digging

Some dogs just love to dig. It’s not their fault. It’s in their DNA! Incessant digging, however, can wreak havoc with your pipes. Just as you need to be careful to check where your pipes and lines are in your yard before starting a new project, you need to protect your pipes from digging pooches. A little digging is okay, but watch them to make sure they don’t dig too deep or you could be in trouble.

Cover Exposed Pipes

Exposed pipes in your home can be the object of fascination for some pets. If your pet loves to scratch and claw at things, don’t let them get to your pipes. Make sure your pipes are covered. If your dog is particularly fascinated with a stretch of pipe, he or she could break through the pipe if it’s aging or brittle, and then you’re in for a major overhaul.

Water Pressure

A lot of homeowners like to wash their pets at home. Don’t forget that your pet is as sensitive to extreme hot and cold temperatures as you are. Besides checking the water temperature before placing them into the bath, make sure the water pressure isn’t unusually low. If it is low, it may mean that another faucet is running somewhere in the house. If that’s the case, your pet is at risk from being hit by extreme spikes or drops in the water temperature.

Drain Stoppers

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Everyone loses some hair down the drain now and again, but pets shed a ton of hair compared to humans, and drains aren’t designed with that much hair in mind. That’s why it’s a good idea to use drain stoppers when bathing your pet. Just because their hair goes down the drain doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. It’s likely waiting somewhere in your pipes to clog up your whole system.

Never Flush Kitty Litter

It might be tempting, but never flush kitty litter down the toilet. Dumping it down a sink is also a terrible idea. Kitty litter should always be dumped in the garbage where it belongs and nowhere near any of your plumbing.

Close All Toilet Lids

If you have a pet that’s tall and curious enough to drink out of the toilet, then please make sure your lid is closed. If they do it once, they’ll probably do it again, so the moment you see this occur, close those lids before it happens again.

Merely following these few simple steps will insure both your plumbing and your pets can live together in peace and harmony.