Grey Water Collection: A Smart Way to Save Water and Money


Grey Water Collection: A Smart Way to Save Water and Money

Fresh water is a precious and limited resource, and most of us are glad to learn tactics to better preserve it. Collecting and using grey water is an excellent way to save water (and money) at home. Are you picturing hoses and buckets strewn around your house? Don't worry, it doesn't have to be a hassle. Keep reading to get more details about this innovative and Earth-friendly practice.

What Exactly Is Grey Water?

Simply put, it is the "leftover" water that drains from sinks, bathtubs, showers and washing machines. You can actually use this water twice. Landscaping irrigation is the most common use, but you can also water houseplants with this recycled water.

It's important to understand the difference between grey water and black water. Black water, which includes water from your toilet, is not safe to reuse. Kitchen sink water may also be considered black water due to the potential for pathogens. Be sure to consult a qualified plumber before you decide to start saving and reusing water.

DIY Grey Water Collection

On a small scale, you can take some simple steps to collect a bit of recycled water from your home. For example, use a bowl or cup to catch the water that is wasted as you wait for the tap to warm up, or bail out your bathwater and pour it on outdoor plants. These are both good ways to get started with water conservation. However, in order to get substantial benefits you'll need to have your plumbing reconfigured.

Getting Serious About Saving Water

If you truly want to harness the money and water-saving benefits of grey water collection, a bit of plumbing work will be in order. Talk to a trusted plumber about installing a grey water system. With the right setup, you can make much more efficient use of the water in your home and save money along the way. You can also add filtration systems to help purify the water before it reaches its destination, so that you don't have to play any guessing games when it comes to health and sanitation.

If you're curious about safely and efficiently reusing water at your home, contact the experts at The Pink Plumber to learn more. We are just as much about people as we are the Earth, so a portion of our jobs are donated to breast cancer research. Our team is happy to help with any plumbing problems, large or small.