Going Under: Under Sink Storage Ideas


Going Under: Under Sink Storage Ideas

If getting organized is on your agenda, then you might feel inspired by some under sink storage ideas. Often times, the space under the sink gets relegated to "catch-all" status. However, with a little organization and planning, you can use that space to your benefit.

The Kitchen Sink

When it comes to the kitchen sink, there are numerous options for taking advantage of the space that is the heart of your kitchen plumbing. Here are some great under sink storage ideas:

  • A trash receptacle: If you want your garbage hidden from view, placing it under the sink is an easy option. Find a receptacle that fits well, and clean the area frequently, especially if you have children. They've been known to miss the can.
  • A recycling center: If you're tired of your recycled goods spilling forth in your laundry room or mudroom, you could try moving it under your sink. Purchase several bins so you can separate paper, plastics, and glass.
  • Cleaning supplies: If you like to keep your arsenal of cleaners and scrub brushes close by, consider a lazy Susan under your sink. Spin the plate and your dish soap, steel-wire sponge, hand soap, and kitchen disinfectant spray are all easy to get to.
  • Pots and pans: If you're short on cabinet space, under the sink could be the perfect place to stash your pots and pans. Keep the ones that you don't use often or only bring out on holidays near the back.

The Bathroom Sink

As long as you're getting organized, don't neglect the bathroom sink. This is another good chunk of space that all too often isn't used as efficiently as it could be. Here are some ways you can take advantage of this space:

  • Cleaning supplies: Like the kitchen, this is a good spot for a lazy Susan or two or three bins to sort your cleaning supplies, sponges, and brushes.
  • Extra toiletries: If you do your share of couponing and like to stock up, then this is a great place to sock away your extra toilet paper, toothpaste, soaps, shower gels, shampoos, deodorants, etc. Use a multilevel bin or compartment system to use the height of the space under the sink.
  • Cosmetics and hair products: If you don't want your mascaras and your hair gels spread out over your bathroom counter, tuck them away under the sink. You can use horizontal stacking trays, like paper organizers, to keep your goods in order.

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