Garbage Disposal Cleaning


Garbage Disposal Cleaning

A garbage disposal is a handy device most homeowners use on a daily basis. Designed to grind up kitchen food scraps and pass them through your plumbing system, the disposal helps to shorten clean-up duty after preparing a delicious meal. However, disposals can emit odors from time to time. The most common culprit leading to a smelly garbage disposal are food scraps trapped or entangled in its blades. Other causes are simply bio scum common in most plumbing systems.

Clean the Rubber Cover

Wash the rubber cover or drain insert and stopper frequently in the dishwasher or with hot, soapy water. Make sure to pay special attention to the flap undersides where slime can gather. Often, this is the main cause of a smelly garbage disposal.

Vinegar Ice Cubes

A quick remedy for a smelly disposal is to make vinegar ice cubes and place them into the disposal. After about 15 minutes, turn on the appliance. The ice cubes will loosen trapped food and clean the cutting blades of the disposal. Finish by flushing the device with clean water.

Lemon Slices

Here is another easy way to clean a garbage disposal. Cut a lemon in half and place the pieces in the microwave. Heat the lemon for about half a minute. Cut the lemon into slices and place in the garbage disposal. Allow warm water to run through the disposal as it grinds up the lemon slices.

Ice Cubes and Rock Salt

Ice cubes combined with rock salt is an effective method used to clean a dirty and/or smelly disposal. As the appliance runs, the abrasive combination of the ice cubes and rock salt cleans away the scum and food particles on the blades and disposal body. Repeat this couple of times and rinse the disposal thoroughly with clean water.

Do not Use Hot Water

You should never allow hot water to enter your disposal, especially if you suspect a blockage. Hot water can melt grease and fats that will clog or make a blockage worse. When cleaning the disposal with the aforementioned methods, use warm or cold water only.

Hire a Professional Plumber

A smelly garbage disposal may be a sign it needs service or replacement. Dull cutting blades or a weak motor could allow excessive food scraps to build up inside the unit leading to persistent odors. If you suspect your disposal is failing, you should schedule a plumber to inspect, service or replace the appliance.

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