Fall Plumbing Maintenance Checklist: 4 Must-Do Tasks


Fall Plumbing Maintenance Checklist: 4 Must-Do Tasks

As you usher in autumn, your to-do list can get longer. Plumbing maintenance might not be as high on that list as pumpkin spice lattes, but it's quite an important task.

By setting aside time to complete your fall plumbing maintenance checklist, you can prepare your home for the colder months ahead. That way, you can enjoy your lattes without being interrupted by a major plumbing issue that could have been prevented. Here are four tasks to include on your list.

1. Inspect Your Faucets

Walk around your home and look at all your faucets, both indoors and outdoors. Look for leaks, cracks or other obvious signs of damage. While you're at it, take a look at the pipes underneath your sinks. Be on the lookout for signs of leaking, such as mineral buildup around fittings or water accumulation under the pipes.

2. Check and Adjust Your Water Heater

Water heaters require regular maintenance to stay in tiptop shape. Along with having your water heater inspected for leaks, corrosion and wear, you should check the temperature setting regularly. The EPA recommends setting your water heater temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for maximum efficiency. This is also the preferred setting to avoid accidental scalding in houses where babies, young children and elderly people live. However, if you want hotter water, particularly during the cooler months, you can set your water heater at 140 degrees.

3. Insulate Your Pipes

People who live in areas with very cold winters may want to consider insulating plumbing pipes to prevent freezing. A frozen plumbing pipe is not only a huge inconvenience, but it can also cause costly damage to your home. You can find foam pipe insulation in most home improvement stores.

4. Get a Professional Plumbing Inspection

Despite your best efforts, it's easy to miss major plumbing issues without the trained eye of a professional. Schedule a professional plumbing inspection to ensure that your plumbing system is in good working order now so you are less likely to encounter a major problem in the middle of winter. A licensed plumber can also offer tips for saving energy and advise you on upgrading certain fixtures or appliances.

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