Dripping Faucet: Repair or replace


Dripping Faucet: Repair or replace

The inconveniences associated with a dripping faucet are many. Aside from wasting precious freshwater and experiencing rising utility bills, you face that annoying sound of water constantly dripping into a wet sink. A dripping faucet also represents another dilemma, should you repair or replace the damaged faucet. The following post will cover the scenarios when you should ask your plumber to fix a malfunctioning faucet or when it is simply best to replace it.

Common Faucet Leaks
Faucets are a working mechanism that is subjected to wear and tear. Over time, it's internal parts can breakdown or fail resulting in a leak. Most folks relate a leaking faucet to one that constantly drips, and in fact, this is a common problem. However, a faucet can also develop a leak around one or both of its control handles, the faucet body or internally which can cause the hot and cold water to mix incorrectly.

Common Faucet Types
The most common types of faucet mechanisms used in residential construction applications are compression, ceramic disc, cartridge and ball. All of these faucet types are serviceable and can be repaired although each relies on a different type of mechanism to stem the flow of water. Your faucet may have a single lever or several depending on its make and model in addition to a spray mechanism, which can also develop a leak.

Is the Repair Cost-Effective?
The answer to this question depends on several factors, most notably the quality of the existing faucet. If your dripping faucet is of the run-of-the-mill variety, meaning an inexpensive, economical model, then it is probably not worth the aggravation and expense to repair it. However, higher end, more expensive models—Kohler, Hansgrohe or Moen—are certainly worth repairing. When trying to decide, you must weigh the cost of replacing along with the overall condition of the applicable faucet. In addition, the age of the fixture should also weigh heavily on the decision as most faucets have a life span of approximately ten years.

If you must repair a dripping faucet repeatedly, you should consider the costs of the repairs in addition to the water it is wasting. It might not seem like a lot, but over time, a dripping faucet can lose hundreds of gallons of one of our most precious resources.

In either case, contact your plumbing contractor as soon as possible to assess the situation. They hold the knowledge and experience to ascertain when a simple fix will do the job or a replacement is necessary.

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