Does It Matter If I Use Hot or Cold Water With My Disposal?


Does It Matter If I Use Hot or Cold Water With My Disposal?

You rely on your disposal daily. Grinding up carrot peels from meal prep or food scraps from cleaning up after dinner. No matter how often you use the device, garbage disposal care goes a long way toward keeping it in good condition. Even though it's out of sight, your disposal needs occasional help to keep the blades sharp, minimize odors and ensure the equipment lasts.

Along with occasionally tossing a few lemons down the drain to reduce odor and keep it fresh, there's one key tip you need to know when using the disposal — and it has to do with using hot or cold water. Yes, running the disposal the right way means knowing whether to turn on the cold or hot water tap.

Going About Disposal Care the Wrong Way

There is a right way and a wrong way to operate the disposal. Let's take a closer look at what would happen if you used hot water with the disposal.

We think of hot water as having a cleansing ability. At very hot temperatures, water can help to clean the area and maybe even get rid of germs. But in the case of garbage disposal care, hot water is its arch enemy. That's because hot water liquifies any grease or fat that you intentionally — or inadvertently — put down the drain. You may think, 'Great! I'm getting rid of grease without the hassle of handling it.' But that's not actually the case. This action actually creates a sigificant problem. Further down the drain, and once you stop running the hot water, the grease and fat will harden. Eventually, this hardened grease will create a clog and you'll be dealing with a lot more than just messy grease.

The Right Way to Care for Your Disposal

When you run the garbage disposal, the simple act of using cold water helps you care for the device in the right way. The force of the cold water is enough to facilitate the proper grinding action for all of the foods you put down the drain. In addition, it will chop up hardened grease and fat, preventing it from moving further down the drain and generating a clog.

With this one disposal care tip, you can ensure that the garbage disposal serves you well, and for a long time. For answers to your questions, contact the Pink Plumber today.

Image Source: Flickr