Do Drain Cleaners Really Work? – Inquiring Minds Want to Know


Do Drain Cleaners Really Work? – Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Do drain cleaners really work is always the first question that comes to mind whenever things get clogged and don't run smoothly. Some homeowners prefer over-the-counter products such as Drano, while others are convinced the tried and true natural home remedy drain cleaners are the best.

Natural Home Remedy Drain Cleaners

Consider these home remedies for clogged drains.

  • Hot water with a dash of salt repeatedly poured down the drain is a great remedy for melting gunk
  • Pouring a can or two of room temperature cola (Pepsi or Coke) will fizz away at the gunk that is then rinsed away with hot water
  • A mixture of baking soda, salt, and boiling water poured into the drain and allowed to sit overnight then flushed with hot water can make a big difference in a clogged drain
  • Alternatively, baking soda combined with white vinegar and left to bubble overnight then flushed with hot water works equally well on built up gunk

Manufactured Drain Cleaners

Use caution when purchasing manufactured products from the local grocery store. Read the label and any warnings the company has provided. Some over-the-counter products may contain hydrochloric or sulfuric acid. Both of these chemicals could be problematic especially to metal, porcelain, stainless steel and aluminum. These types of chemical cleaners should be used by professional plumbers only if necessary.

According to information provided by Drano®, their Max Gel product has, "Safe for all pipes, septic systems and cesspools" clearly printed on the product label. Their products have passed laboratory tests confirming the product is safe for fixtures and pipes. While the product is strong enough for tough clogs, the company stands by its disclaimer that it is safe for septic tanks and will not damage metal or plastic pipes.


While buying manufactured products, purchasing ingredients for natural remedies, or going to the expense of buying a plunger or snake for the toilet, none of these may be the answer to the problem. If the drains in your home are draining slowly or not draining at all, there could be more going on than a simple clog in the line. Collapsed pipes, broken pipes, tree roots that have damaged the pipes, and old piping that needs to be replaced can all cause drainage issues.

When in doubt about the cause of drains not draining, toilets not flushing, and water backing up into the shower, sink, or bathtub, call in professional plumbers who are experts in the field of finding out what's wrong and repairing it. They'll have the answer to "do drain cleaners really work," and if so, they'll know which one to use that is safest for the pipes in your home.

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