Dishwasher Backed Up? Get Expert Help!


Dishwasher Backed Up? Get Expert Help!

There's nothing worse than a plumbing problem that leads to a wet, messy floor. If your dishwasher backed up and you've got water swirling higher and higher, we don't need to tell you that you've got a serious problem on your hands. Don't leave plumbing problems to chance, hoping they'll just go away on their own. When your dishwasher has backed up, you need to know what to do while you're waiting for the plumber to arrive as well as what to do so you can avoid experiencing a backed-up dishwasher again.


Unless you're vigilant about rinsing dishes off before you put them in the dishwasher, it's likely that food scraps and particles are making their way into the appliance. Over time, these particles can block the drain and cause the dishwasher to get backed up. However, other causes can contribute to the problem, too.

Before you call a plumber, there's one thing you can try: Run the garbage disposal. In some homes, the drainwater from the appliance moves through the garbage disposal system. Turning it on will flush out any blockages and allow the movement of water through the system. Sometimes, if the dishwasher is backed up and the disposal is also full, water can accumulate in the dishwasher's bottom.

If this tip doesn't work, call a plumber, and sit tight. Don't use the dishwasher until it's fixed. You don't want to risk a possible flood, do you?

Care and Maintenance

Early warning signs that your dishwasher plumbing is in trouble include small amounts of water backing up in the appliance. Keep an eye out for this problem by checking the bottom of the dishwasher for evidence of water. You can prevent problems like this by occasionally flushing out the drain. Combine a solution of baking soda, vinegar, and hot water, and pour it on the dishwasher drain. The solution will take care of buildup that would otherwise block the drain.

Calling for Help

When dishwasher plumbing is problematic, it's important to get expert help. One of the pipes might be blocked further down, which could lead to have your dishwasher backed up. Hire a service professional to

  • clean the air gap,
  • check connections,
  • clean the drain tube, and
  • check the home's entire plumbing system.

If there's a blockage in the plumbing, you'll need a plumber with drain cameras to find the root of the problem, identify the cause—perhaps your pipes are corroded—and then offer effective solutions.

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