Common Summer Plumbing Problems People Face

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Common Summer Plumbing Problems People Face

It's summertime and the living is supposed to be easy, right? Well, that's not always the case when plumbing problems pop up. In fact, summer sees more plumbing issues than you might imagine because the kids are home and household plumbing gets used more often. Check these common plumbing problems that people face during the summer months and tips for making repairs.

Clogged Drains

Household drains can clog at any time during the year, but summertime sees an increase in backed-up drains. The main cause for the increase in clogs is that more people are using the household bathrooms throughout the day. If you have dirty pipes, it's more likely that you'll experience this plumbing issue.

The remedy: Before the kids get out of school get professional drain cleaning services from a local plumber. Even if you're not experiencing drainage issues do it as a precautionary measure. Ask your local plumber about drain cleaning specials that include hydro-jetting drain cleaning services.

Clogged Garbage Disposals

Like toilets, garbage disposals get used more often during the summer. Let's face it—kids are snacking monsters and want as much convenience as possible, which means they tend to toss whatever in the disposal.

The remedy: Talk to your kids about what is and isn't allowed in the garbage disposal. These items include things such as popcorn kernels, ramen noodles, grease, bones, etc. Keeping kitchen counters clean and clear throughout the day also prevents trash from accidentally falling in the disposal.

Outdoor Faucet Damage

As the temperatures heat up, kids want to play in the water. Who can blame them? Unfortunately, the added stress of turning outdoor spigots on and off can take a toll on outdoor faucets. Common problems that happen is that spigots develop leaks and need replacement. Don't ignore leaky spigots. Doing so leads to leaks that create water damage around your home's foundation.

The remedy: Limit the amount of time throughout the day that outdoor spigots are used.

Sewer Line Problems

During the summer, sewer line problems tend to ramp up. Usually this happens because of a preexisting condition, such as a small clog that's gone unnoticed. As toilets and sinks get used more and more during the summer, vulnerable sewer lines tend to show their wear and tear. Signs that you have a sewer line issue include frequent toilet clogs, raw sewage smells, and wet spots in the yard.

The remedy: Have your sewer lines inspected before summertime. Call a local plumber near you and ask for sewer line camera inspection services. This professional service uses a camera that moves through the sewer line and identifies any problems that need to be addressed. In addition to clogs, sewer camera inspections find cracks, collapsed pipes, and tree root growth.

Prevent Summertime Problems

The best way to prevent summertime plumbing problems is to go over some simple household plumbing rules. Remind your children what can and can't be flushed, disposed of, or rinsed down the drain. Also, schedule preventive maintenance services with your trusted local plumbing service to take care of any looming problems. Doing these things will make summertime a fun, carefree time like it's meant to be.