Common Garbage Disposal Problems


Common Garbage Disposal Problems

A garbage disposal is an appliance many homeowners use on a daily basis. This handy device is used to grind and dispose of unwanted food scraps via the sink drain. Sometimes, garbage disposal problems arise with the disposal that can impede its efficiency or render the unit inoperable. While some of these problems result from operator error, other issues can be mechanical in origin.

Disposal Does not Turn On

You flip the switch and the unit does not activate or make a peep. This could result from many circumstances. The most common causes would be a tripped circuit breaker, a tripped reset button located on the bottom of the disposal or a loose wire. Worst-case scenario is the disposal motor has given out. Unfortunately, if the motor goes, you will need to have the disposal replaced.

Disposal is Jammed

Aside from not working, it is easy to tell if your disposal is jammed. You'll flip the switch and hear the unit humming, but not rotating and/or grinding the food scraps. In addition, if you leave the switch on too long, it will trip the reset button on the bottom of the unit. Most garbage disposals include a handy, offset wrench used to rotate the motor manually when a jam occurs.

Disposal Leaks

A leaking garbage disposal problem can cause significant damage to kitchen cabinets and flooring. Often, the leak is associated with the units plumbing connections. The pipes that connect the disposal to the drain or sewer line and the gasket between the disposal and sink drain are two common areas prone to leaks. A leak coming from the body of the disposal is a bad sign as it means replacing the garbage disposal with a new unit.

Disposal is Loud

Disposals make some noise during operation but if yours is louder than usual, it could be related to a couple of things. First, bones, glass and metal objects do not belong inside a garbage disposal. They can cause a hair-raising racket when the unit is activated. Other reasons that can cause your disposal to generate more noise than you are accustomed are worn bearings, loose mounting screws, broken flyweights or worn blades.

Disposal is Clogged

A clogged disposal presents a difficult situation. The unit is full of rotting food scraps and your sink fails to drain. Certain food items — vegetable peelings, grease, raw meat, rice, pasta and potato peelings — can quickly clog a garbage disposal, rendering it useless.

If your garbage disposal problems are related to any of the aforementioned symptoms, schedule an appointment with your local plumbing contractor.

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