Clogged Toilet? When to Call the Plumber


Clogged Toilet? When to Call the Plumber

Your toilet is clogged. No big deal, right? Or is it? How do you know whether it's something you can handle yourself or if you should call in an expert? The basic rule of thumb is that if you can't solve it with a plunger, the problem is likely beyond your scope of expertise. Of course, just trying to plunge it yourself could lead to some pretty unsavory consequences as well.

Why You Really Shouldn't Try to Take On a Toilet Clog Yourself

The truth about clogged toilets is that, while it could be something simple, it's usually not worth the risk of trying to tackle the problem on your own. Here are a few compelling reasons why you should consider calling an expert before attempting to DIY your way out of a clogged toilet.

  • Chemical products marketed to fix plumbing clogs often don't work, and may even cause additional problems.

  • Using a plumber's "snake" without the proper experience can damage your pipe, which will have to be repaired. Pipe repair is much more expensive than having your toilet unclogged by a professional.

  • You could make the clog worse or cause a backup. The last thing you want is a wastewater backup in your bathroom. Not only will this likely damage your home, but it's unpleasant and potentially hazardous to your health.

  • The problem could go beyond a simple clog. You may need a new toilet, or your problem could be caused by something much further in the pipes in your house. If there's an issue with the main sewer line that connects your home to the municipal waste line, you'll need a professional to help you identify and deal with it. Some things that can damage the main sewer line are shifting land, tree roots and corroded pipes.

Before you pick up that plunger, know that you could be in for more trouble than you realize. It can't hurt to consult with a plumber if you're not sure whether you should give it a try yourself. Also note that if your toilet continues getting clogged, this could be indicative of a bigger problem, and you should definitely discuss it with a qualified plumber. Plumbing issues left untreated lead to bigger and more expensive issues in the long run.

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