Cleaning Your Home Drain: Dangers of DIY


Cleaning Your Home Drain: Dangers of DIY

You may think there's nothing inherently wrong with cleaning your home drain with DIY methods like vinegar, baking soda or hot water. The problem with using home remedies is that you don't know what's really lurking in the depths of your home's pipes. Toss a little baking soda down the drain and run the water, and the problem might seem like it's solved — at least for the moment. However, your pipes may still be calling for help, and that slow-draining sink will creep back up on you in no time. Let's find the answer, once and for all, to the question, Do home remedies for drain cleaning really work?

DIY methods called into question

Sure, using baking soda and vinegar together will create some "scrubbing" action that will clear out minor buildup of hair, soap and other gunk. But the problem is that you don't know just how deep the buildup is or how far it goes. You may have also heard that it's good to fill up tubs and sinks with water, and then release the plug so the force of the water breaks up debris as it moves down the pipes. Again, this action may help some with breaking down a minor clog for a couple of days, but you still don't know what lies beneath the surface. Worse, sometimes these actions only push a clog further down the pipes. So, these DIY methods for cleaning your home drain essentially don't solve the problem.

The pros offer solutions that work

The pros have the tools to uncover the root of the clog or slow-moving drain. With a drain camera, a plumber can look into your pipes and see exactly what has built up on the pipe's walls and where the clog lies. Using a plumber's snake that's the right size and length for your pipes, and has the power to break up serious debris, the plumber can break down buildup along the walls of the pipes and reach the source of the clog - no matter how deep it goes.

Don't leave your home's plumbing system health to DIY methods - or chance. Plumbing problems are a nuisance, they interfere with daily tasks, and only get worse when neglected. Enlist the help of an expert who will take cleaning your home drain seriously and put a stop to troublesome clogs.

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