Choosing Bathroom Fixtures That Last


Choosing Bathroom Fixtures That Last

Are you updating your bathroom? Fresh paint, a new floor, and modern cabinets go far to make the space fresh and inviting. One way to update the space that can pay off in the long run involves bathroom fixtures. Installing new faucets and handles can boost a bathroom's appeal and make daily personal care a breeze.

Know What to Look For

It's tempting to look solely at a fixture's design aesthetic. While the style and color of the fixture are certainly important, be sure not to overlook the two primary components that make bathroom fixtures durable:

  • The finish: The type of finish a manufacturer uses is designed to protect the underlying construction of the faucet. A durable finish will resist scratching, cracking, and rusting. One of the strongest finishes, particle vapor deposition (PVD) is a highly durable coating that will not scratch or fade. A chrome finish is also a good candidate for homeowners looking to invest in a sturdy, lasting bathroom fixture. For families with young children or for very busy bathrooms, investing in top-of-the-line durability means your fixtures will last through the years no matter what your family throws at them.
  • The construction: The key ingredient in a well-constructed faucet is the valve. It has the most moving parts in a faucet, and it performs the most important role: controlling the flow of the water and preventing drips. Ceramic disk valves are the most durable and lasting valves, but they generally cost more, too. However, investing in this high-quality construction means you get a very durable, long-lasting faucet. Other types of valves include cartridge valves (not many moving parts, but seals are prone to wear), ball valves (complex with many moving parts), and compression valves (the most basic of all the valves, but wear quickly).

Don't Overlook This Critical Factor

The most important factor to consider when shopping for a bathroom fixture is the warranty. Most manufacturers will offer a lifetime warranty to cover nicks and dings in the finish. but not all do. Choose wisely, and avoid investing in a low-cost product that won't last and has a finish that isn't covered under the warranty.

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