Broken Water Heater? Get Expert Help


Broken Water Heater? Get Expert Help

Are you running out of hot water in the shower? Is your dishwasher not performing like it used to? Do you notice that your clothes washer isn't getting the laundry clean? A broken water heater could be the source of your hot water issues. When the hot water runs out, you need to know how to respond because more serious problems could be at its root. Here are some of the common problems homeowners have with water heaters and what you should do in each scenario.

Help, I don't have hot water

If you find yourself short on hot water, try these tips:

  • Did the system run out of water? Wait awhile to see if the system needs to reheat the water. If, after waiting about an hour, you have hot water again, you might just need a larger water heater. In some cases, as your family grows, so will your hot water capacity. However, consider having a professional check it out. There could be an issue with the burner or some other failed component.
  • Is the pilot light out? Older water heaters employ a pilot light and it's possible that it can lose its flame. Call a professional to relight it.
  • Did you check the breaker? If the breaker tripped, the water heater may not have power to function properly.
  • Is the thermostat setting correct? Is it possible that someone fiddled with the thermostat and changed the setting? The water heater should be set to 120 degrees at minimum, 140 degrees maximum.
  • Is it dirty? Water heaters need to be maintained every year or the buildup inside the system can interfere with proper operations. Lack of maintenance can also lead to parts wearing out. During a check-up, a technician will drain the system to remove debris and buildup, check the safety and durability of valves and connections, test the systems' pressure, and double check that the power supply is functional.
  • Is it old? Water heaters generally last about 10 years. If you maintain it well, it may last longer. Not servicing it at all could result in your system not working the average lifespan.

Get expert help when you run out of hot water. A broken water heater is a dangerous water heater and it can put your household at serious risk for fire hazards, leaking gas lines and more. Make sure you maintain a consistent supply of hot water and enlist a professional to assess your water heater today. For answers to your questions, contact the Pink Plumber today.

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