Boiler Maintenance: Know the Importance

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Boiler Maintenance: Know the Importance

Whether you have a gas or electric boiler, it’s important to keep it maintained. Without routine cleaning and other fine tuning, you run the risk of developing problems during the long winter months. Problematic boilers also contribute to deadly cases of carbon monoxide poisoning and other health-related issues. To reduce service calls and prolong the lifespan of this heating appliance, contact a plumber at The Pink Plumber for annual maintenance.

During the boiler inspection, your plumber completes the following tasks:

  • Combustion chamber cleaning – In this area of the boiler, fuel mixes with air. The air’s ignited to create heat. Over time, the byproducts of the process cause a buildup of soot. When the boiler accumulates a lot of soot, the chamber walls begin to show signs of corrosion such as holes. Chamber cleaning keeps corrosion at an arm’s length.
  • Oil filter replacement – Don’t let contaminants build up in the oil-burner nozzle. Dirty nozzles develop problems that lead to combustion and shut down the system.
  • Flue pipe inspection – In this area of the boiler, carbon monoxide creates the most problems. Any holes in the flue pipe allow this deadly gas to escape. Plumbers patch small holes, but anything bigger requires flue pipe replacement.
  • Adjust and test for efficiency: Plumbers use a piece of equipment called a combustion analyzer to calculate the furnace’s efficiency. This tool measures the gasses in the exhaust flue. The boiler must have the proper fuel to air balance to work efficiently. If your boiler is operating an inefficient level, the changes of breakdowns and premature replacement rise.

How to Tell If You Have Boiler Problems

Are you experiencing inconsistent heating in your home? Has your carbon monoxide detector been sending alerts? Do you smell a burning odor when your boiler turns on? What sounds does your boiler make? Are they normal operating sounds or sounds that sound like the unit is struggling?

These questions help you identify possible boiler problems. Annual maintenance helps curb the effects of some of these problems, but you shouldn’t wait for your yearly service call if something doesn’t seem right. Waiting too long to get repairs puts the appliance at risk of needing expensive repairs.

How to Find a Plumber to Fix Your Boiler

Woman Calling for Boiler MaintenanceNot all plumbers offer boiler repair service. Also, if you need boiler service for a commercial boiler, you might need to search even harder to find a qualified plumber. If you’re struggling to find a reliable plumber to perform annual maintenance on your residential or commercial boiler, ask around for referrals. Personal referrals almost always point you in the right direction because your friends, neighbors, family, or colleagues aren’t going to refer you to someone who doesn’t do good work.

It’s also important to state that you should never attempt to make boiler repairs yourself. Only a certified, licensed, and experienced plumber should make adjustments, part repairs and replacements. DIY repairs increase the possibility of creating additional damage and often void any warranties attached to the appliance. To learn more about boiler maintenance, repair, and replacement, contact The Pink Plumber.