Blocked Sewer Pipes? What’s at the Root of This Issue?


Blocked Sewer Pipes? What’s at the Root of This Issue?

Many homeowners can sit back, relax, and trust that their sewer systems will work without fail. Some of us, however, will have to deal with blocked sewer pipes at some point. One of the primary causes of blocked pipes is out of our control, but others you can control. Find out what causes blocked sewer pipes in order to prevent future problems.

Homeowner responsibility

Just like you take care to preserve paint on your walls, keep food out of drains, and avoid scuffing floors, you need to pay the same attention to your sewage system. You see, through homeowner misuse, sewer pipes can become blocked. Here's why:

  • Homeowners often dispose of baby wipes or hygiene products down the drains. These products don't biodegrade within the system and they often cause a blockage.
  • Disregard for sewer system care can lead residents to dispose of other non-compostable items that block up the pipes.
  • In many homes, sewage must travel through straight or slightly curved pipes to exit the home; however, at some point, waste reaches an elbow turn, or a 90 degree curve, in the pipes, which is often where products get stopped up. The force of gravity and flow of waste can't force the bulky items around the corner, and a blockage occurs.

When there's nothing you can do to prevent problems. …

In other cases, it's possible for tree roots, over time, to penetrate through the sewage pipes buried under the ground. The force of the growing root pushes on the pipe, weakening the material and eventually penetrating through it. As roots penetrate through the pipe walls, they extend into the pipes themselves, causing waste running through it to slow down or products to catch on the roots.

Regardless of what is causing the blockage in your home, you'll need to call an expert plumber for help. The first step in identifying the "root" of the problem involves using a camera inspection. A plumbing company will have a camera that extends into the drains via a cable or snake, which helps the professionals identify if tree roots or non-compostable products are causing the problem. Then, the expert can identify the best solution for dealing with the problem. Tree root problems require larger, costlier solutions because you'll either need to replace the pipes or install a coating inside the pipes to seal their walls.

Don't let blocked sewer pipes stop you up. Get expert help. For answers to your questions, contact the Pink Plumber today.