Benefits of Reclaimed Water


Benefits of Reclaimed Water

There are many benefits of reclaimed water. As the demand for fresh, high-quality water increases each day, this valuable commodity plays an important role in protecting one of our most precious resources. Learn the facts about recycled water, how it is produced and its many benefits for you and the environment.

What is Reclaimed Water?

Recycled from wastewater and also referred to as recycled or reuse water, the wastewater is cleaned, disinfected and treated to remove any solids and specific impurities deemed unsafe. After the water is treated, it is discharged back into the environment or piped into communities for residential, commercial and industrial reuse. While this resource is not intended as drinking water, it is ideal for lawn and crop irrigation, recharging underground aquifers and industrial applications. Recycled water is also used for construction activities and concrete mixing.

Main Benefits of Recycled Water

The main function of reclaimed water is to replace the use of drinkable water in applications where fresh water is not necessary. Recycled water is ideal for irrigation purposes, because the water contains higher levels of nutrients that can benefit crop growth. In addition, when underground aquifers become depleted, such as during a drought or when demand increases, recycled water can be used to recharge the aquifer to meet the increased needs of the community.

Benefits of Home and Community Use

While you cannot drink or use recycled water for any purpose that might increase the chances of accidental consumption such as in a swimming pool or spa, there are plenty of other benefits for home and community use.

Home Uses

  • Irrigating lawns and landscaping
  • Washing your car or boat
  • Water supply for toilets
  • Pressure washing
  • Supplying outdoor water features

Community Uses

  • Irrigating parks, golf courses and road medians
  • Irrigating food crops
  • Supply outdoor water features
  • Recharging the aquifer
  • Recharging wetlands
  • Cooling water for industrial applications

How to Receive Recycled Water

Recycled/reclaimed water is transmitted to the community through a series of pipes connected to a nearby wastewater treatment facility. Many municipalities offer recycled water to its residents at a lower cost than drinkable water. However, it requires that your home be plumbed specifically to accommodate the recycled water. If you are interested in using reclaimed water for your home, contact a local and licensed plumbing contractor to discuss the requirements—dedicated supply line, hook-up fees, etc.—to use this precious resource.

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