Bathroom Remodel: Don’t Skimp on the Plumbing


Bathroom Remodel: Don’t Skimp on the Plumbing

Many home makeovers often include a complete bathroom remodel. The project is a major undertaking that should involve careful planning before getting started. Bathroom remodeling can be expensive as a lot of labor—plumbers, tile setters, electricians and painters—goes into the project. In addition, the materials—cabinetry, tile, fixtures and plumbing—can add up quick. Often, many homeowners try to save a few dollars by skimping on the plumbing. While this might seem like a good idea in the short term, it could be disastrous in the long term. The following post will give you an idea of what to expect during the project and why you should never go cheap on the plumbing.

The Estimates
Chances are most homeowners will hire a contractor or two to remodel their bathroom. The first step in the process is to obtain several written estimates from reputable contractors. You should first verify the status of their license and insurance coverage to make sure everything is in order. Many states offer online contractor license verification services or you can contact your local building department. A quick call to the insurance company can verify their insurance is active and up to date. In addition, it would be beneficial to check with the BBB "Better Business Bureau" to inquire about recent complaints or legal actions.

Getting Started
After choosing your contractor, the first order of business is to tear out your old bathroom. If this is a complete remodel—everything goes—you should be prepared for unforeseen circumstances such as rotten studs, sub-flooring or mold and mildew growth that can wreak havoc on your project's budget. It is a good idea to add at least ten-percent to the cost of your estimate to cover these unfortunate circumstances should they occur.

Size Up the Plumbing
This stage is where many homeowners drop the ball by skimping on the plumbing. Many fail to realize that it is a bad idea to ignore old plumbing supply or sewage lines during a bathroom remodel. Think about it, does it make sense to go to all that trouble and spend all that money by covering up dated plumbing with new tile and drywall? If the old plumbing fails down the road, not only will you absorb the cost of the plumbing repair, but also the cost to repair any damage to your new bathroom.

A Peace of Mind
At the end of the project, homeowners who chose not to cut corners and replace their dated plumbing will enjoy a peace of mind by knowing their plumbing is up to par. In addition, a complete bathroom remodel, when done correctly by replacing dated plumbing supply and sewage lines, will add significantly more value to your home.

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