Avoid These Bad Repair Problems: Get Expert Plumbing Help


Avoid These Bad Repair Problems: Get Expert Plumbing Help

With bad repair problems, trying to save a bit of money with a DIY fix—or hiring a cheap plumber—makes a bad problem worse. Instead of trying to jimmy rig a leak with duct tape or attempting a DIY install on a washing machine or water heater, you can avoid these problems altogether if you contact a reputable plumber with a proven reputation.

Whether you're the victim of your own work, or someone else's, these are not effective solutions:

  • An improper fix on a leaky pipe can not only mean a continuous loss of water, but it can also mean a hazardous environment. As the water leaks and moisture residue forms on household surfaces, mold will start to grow. If you don't know how to fix a leaky pipe, get expert help.
  • Using flimsy hoses on a washing machine? Think again. The hoses that typically come with a new washing machine are prone to bursting and flooding your basement or home. Go for a hose with a bit more gusto and choose stainless steel hoses instead.
  • Routinely plunging clogged drains or using over-the-counter drain-clearing chemicals without a care? Not only can these harsh chemicals damage the pipes, but there could be a significant problem causing the clog that only an expert can diagnose. Flushing wipes, papers towels or toys, as well as the buildup of hair and soap residue, are all bad for pipes. Your plumber can help you learn what to flush, and what not to flush, to keep your pipes in good condition and resolve the clog once and for all.
  • Do you use your basement's plumbing pipes as a solution to more hanging space? Don't! It's not uncommon for the pipes to break under the weight of wet clothing, and then you'll have a really big problem on your hands.
  • Replacing or installing plumbing pipes in a new bathroom sink? Don't forget that the drainage system has to slope down so that waste water can be drained out of the home. By not following this simple rule, you can potentially set yourself up for huge problems down the road.

Of course, you can avoid these bad repair problems entirely if you carefully choose the plumber you'll work with. At The Pink Plumber, we stand behind our work because we put emphasis on expert workmanship no matter the job at hand.

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