Are Rattling Pipes Causing a Headache?


Are Rattling Pipes Causing a Headache?

That banging you hear inside the walls every time you flush toilet is not the ghost of a Christmas past. It is a common plumbing problem experienced by homeowners most commonly referred to as rattling pipes. Rattling pipes within your home's plumbing system can be an annoying affair, especially in severe cases. When left unchecked, a rattling pipe can lead to major problems.

Loose Pipes

During installation, plumbing pipes are supposed to be strapped to stud framing, walls and ceiling or floor joists to secure them in place. If the straps become loose, or were never installed, the pipes will move due to the fluctuating pressure of the water passing through them. This can lead to vibrating, knocking or rattling sounds inside the walls, ceiling or floors.

Water Pressure

Higher than normal water pressure inside your home's plumbing system can also cause your pipes to vibrate and rattle. The optimum range for residential plumbing pressure is between 40 and 60 pounds per square inch (PSI). Not only can a higher than normal inside water pressure lead to rattling pipes, but also cause long-term damage to them and possibly your appliances as well.

Water Hammering

Water hammering is a common occurrence experienced by homeowners. Fast closing valves such as those — fill valves — found inside of your toilets, cause the water inside the pipes to stop suddenly, making a hammering sound. Professional plumbers address water-hammering problems usually by installing a water hammer arrestor or slow-shutting toilet fill valves.

Failing Air Chambers

Air chambers are installed to residential plumbing pipes to decrease or eliminate water hammer. Often connected to the pipes supplying the toilets and faucets, the air in the air chambers provides a cushion against the water hammer effect. If the chambers fill with water — eliminating the cushion — you can experience above average water hammering. This problem is usually found in older homes with aging plumbing systems.

Although the sounds of rattling pipes can be quite annoying, it pales in comparison to the headaches you will have if your pipes break or burst because of them banging around inside your walls. Repairing a water-damaged home can be a costly endeavor, one you should avoid whenever possible. If you are experiencing rattling pipes, hire a professional plumbing contractor to locate and repair the problem. By acting fast, you can head off a potential water disaster that can potentially cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repair costs.

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