Are Plumbing Noises Keeping You Awake at Night?


Are Plumbing Noises Keeping You Awake at Night?

You wake up in the middle of the night to unusual sounds emanating from the pipes in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. The plumbing noises leave you unsettled because you don't know what's causing the commotion.

The drippy, leaky, clunky sounds can be caused by a variety of issues. Some are just irritating but easily fixed while others may be a symptom of a potential problem.

What's Causing Those Plumbing Noises?

If you're hearing unusual sounds, here's a short list of some of the more common problems.

Clunks, clangs, or bangs may be due to what is known as the "water hammer" effect. This happens when the flow of water is interrupted suddenly causing a shock wave to run through the pipes. It can be as simple as shutting off the water faucet quickly. This is usually fixed by adding, replacing, or unclogging a device called an arrester. This is an air filled gadget that connects to plumbing.

Pipes that aren't as secure as they should be can make a banging and clanging noise as the water makes its way through the system. Securing the pipes with plastic ties or straps will usually eliminate the problem.

Homes with copper pipes may experience ticking or creaking sounds. This is caused when the hot water starts making its way through cold pipes. As the pipes expand, whatever they come in contact with - metal or wood - causes the noise. Once the hot water is discontinued, the copper cools and the contractions stop.

Mineral buildup inside of pipes can also be a source of rattling and popping. The coating creates air bubbles that react to hot water.

It's also possible the water pressure setting is set too high and needs adjusting. Too much water pressure can result in damaging values on toilets and any other fixture that uses a valve and is connected to the water line.

Toilets aren't exempt from causing unusual noises such as whistling or vibrating sounds. This may be due to a faulty toilet fill valve. The gasket may be in need of replacement which results in the valve creating a noisy slow leak. Also, the flush valve or ball may be defective causing the on again, off again sound of running water.

What to Do?

Many times, a simple replacement of a malfunctioning part is all that a professional will need to do. In other situations a professional can come in and secure rattling pipes with straps or add insulation around clanging pipes to address the noise.

There could be underlying problems with water pipes or fixtures that need additional services. With a service call, the system can be checked with repairs made before they turn into a bigger and more costly situation.

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