Annual Drain Cleaning can Prevent Costly Sewage Back ups


Annual Drain Cleaning can Prevent Costly Sewage Back ups

With spring just around the corner, many homeowners will begin planning their annual spring-cleaning and maintenance procedures to prepare their homes for the summer months. During this time, many overlook the importance of annual drain cleaning until their lives are tossed into an upheaval as toilets back up and/or tubs and sinks fail to drain. Aside from the inconvenience of malfunctioning plumbing, slow or clogged sewage lines can lead to costly home repairs and significant water damage to walls, flooring and baseboard should your fixtures overflow. This post will outline the benefits associated with annual drain cleaning.

Maintains Efficient Sewage Disposal
Annual drain cleaning keeps you sewage lines flowing smoothly and running at peak performance. A slow-flowing or sluggish sewage line becomes a trap for all sorts of matter. As time passes, debris builds up inside the pipes until your sewage line is completely blocked. When this happens, you face backed up toilets and standing water in your sinks and tubs.

What Causes Sewer Line Blockages
All sorts of household matter such as dental floss, hair and grease that enter the sewer system can cause sewer line blockages. In addition, older sewer lines, especially clay or Orangeburg pipes are extremely susceptible to tree root penetration. The roots are attracted to the nutrient rich effluent that passes through the pipes. They can enter through cracks, holes and loose fitting joints. Once roots invade the system, they act as a catchall, trapping waste and debris until the sewage line is completely blocked. Regular drain cleaning service helps you avoid the serious consequences and expense of an emergency sewage repair.

Identify Problems Areas before they fail
Aside from maintaining peak performance, annual drain cleaning also helps your plumber to identify potential problem areas within the sewage lines. This could help you avoid the inconvenience of lost service or worst, water damage and sewage in your home. Many plumbing experts agree, annual drain—hydro jetting—cleaning maintains uninterrupted service. In addition, you should also consider an annual inspection of your sewer lines via CCTV cameras. The specialized equipment provides your plumber with a bird's eye view or visual inspection of the pipe's interior, which allows him to get to the root of the problem and make the necessary repairs before they fail. Annual drain cleaning and inspection saves you money by reducing the chance of failure and extending the life of your sewage lines.

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