Annual Drain Cleaning Can Prevent a Sewer Line Clog


Annual Drain Cleaning Can Prevent a Sewer Line Clog

If you own a home, you have most likely used a plunger or some store-bought drain cleaning chemicals in an attempt to unclog an obstructed sewer line. As often is the case, the only thing washing down the drain is your hard work and the money spent for the drain cleaner. Although it is possible to unclog a drain line yourself, it is often a sign of a more serious problem that eventually requires a professional plumber.

Signs of a Troubled Drain

Your home's sewer system is a crucial part of everyday life. When it malfunctions, you are faced with smelly backups and/or standing water that can really put the brakes on your daily activities. By knowing the signs of a troubled drain, you can help avoid the unexpected displeasure of a clogged sewer system.

  • A slow flushing toilet or one that does not empty completely could mean a sluggish or partially blocked sewer line.
  • Kitchen and bathroom sinks are slow to drain leaving behind food particles and other small debris.
  • Water is backing up into your bathtub or toilet.
  • You notice strange gurgling sounds emanating from your sink drains.
  • You notice bubbles rising in your toilet bowl and it is percolating.
  • If your home has a basement, you might notice signs of water around its floor drain.

If any of these problems are present in your home, you might be on your way to a complete sewer line failure.

Causes of a Sewer Line Failure

Several reasons can cause your sewer line to fail. Tree roots, collapsing pipes, rust and scale buildup or grease are all leading causes of a sewer clog. Fortunately, you can avoid the inconveniences resulting from these failures by scheduling annual drain cleaning and inspection with a licensed plumbing contractor.

How It Works

One of the first things your plumber will do is locate the source of the blockage. They have several tools at their disposal, but the most helpful is probably a fiber optic video camera. A small fiber optic line is fed into your home's sewer lines to locate the root of the problem. Locating the problem beforehand allows the plumber to figure out the best method to clear the line. Traditional methods still used today incorporate a motorized drain snake with attached auger to cut through the blockage. This tool is commonly used to cut through tree roots and other tough obstructions. Other types of clogs are better served using a high-pressure water jetting system. Hydro jetting not only clears the blockage but also is capable of cleaning and removing built up rust and scale on the pipe's interior, which will allow passing water and debris to travel more smoothly through the sewer system eliminating future obstructions.

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