Advantages of a Pedestal Sink


Advantages of a Pedestal Sink

Homeowners taking on a major bathroom remodel or those simply trying to freshen up the room could benefit from the advantages of a pedestal sink. While the style and elegance that these beautiful fixtures can add to your bathroom is apparent, there are additional advantages as well as a couple of disadvantages you should consider before choosing a pedestal sink. The following post will touch on some of the most common attributes associated with these fixtures to help you make an informed decision and one the suits your needs.

A Touch of Elegance
Pedestal fixtures can add a beautiful, elegant touch to your bathroom's decor. Their glazed, porcelain finish is available in many designs, styles and colors that can fit most any bathroom motif. Models are available that support both a standard or wide spread faucet, providing you with even more design versatility and elegance. The smooth surface of its glazed finish allows for easy clean up with many, non-abrasive bathroom cleaners.

Space Saving
One of the most well-known benefits of a pedestal sink installation is its ability to make your bathroom appear larger. This is a result of its smaller footprint versus traditional bathroom vanity cabinets. Since the pedestal's footprint is usually only between six and 8-inches in diameter, you will gain additional bathroom floor space that will make it feel larger in appearance. This provides an attractive option in homes with smaller bathrooms or half baths when space limitations are a concern.

One drawback, however, is that a pedestal provides no underneath storage space. You may be able to overcome this drawback by installing a cabinet over the toilet or behind the bathroom door. Another inconvenience is the lack of counter space. A pedestal sink simply does not offer much room, if any, for bathroom accessories such as soap dishes, toothbrush holders etc. However, you may be able to utilize a small shelf in a strategic location near the sink to provide a space for these items.

Installation Considerations
Before purchasing a pedestal sink, you would be wise to discuss with your plumbing contractor the plumbing modifications necessary for installation. Since the slim pedestal that supports the sink does not offer much room for concealment, the plumbing connections must be on point, and in precise locations to remain hidden. An option some homeowners choose when total concealment is impossible or not practical is to use attractive shut off valves, supply lines and drain assemblies. In this scenario, many homeowners choose a finish—brass, chrome, oiled bronze, etc.—that matches the faucet finish.

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