A Touch Sink Transforms Cleanup


A Touch Sink Transforms Cleanup

Most cooks have long dreamed of a way to sidestep touching the kitchen faucet with messy hands. What's worse than going into contortions to turn the water on so you don't contaminate the faucet with food particles? With a touch sink, however, you can avoid this situation and turn your back on a messy, bacteria-infested faucet. Find out how Delta is leading the way with its unique Touch2O technology.

What Is It?

Simply put, a touch sink lets you turn the water on and off with a quick touch anywhere on the handle or spout. No longer do you have to apply your entire hand to the knob and twist or even pull down on a lever. You can even take the back of your hand—which is often clean even when the rest of your hands are completely covered by food—and tap the sink. Voila! Instant and easy access to water. When you're done using the water, simply tap it again, and it will shut off.

The Big Guns

Delta has debuted its new Touch2O technology with great fanfare. Here's how their faucets generally work: On the base of the faucet, there's an indicator light that lets you know when the battery holds an active charge. When the blue light turns red, you know it's time to change the battery.

Touching any point along the handle or the spout activates the water. Touch it once, and the water turns on. Touch it again, and the water turns off. The only activity you'll still need to handle is water temperature. Keeping the handle in the middle spot ensures the water won't be too hot or too cold. Once it turns on and you clean off your hands, you can adjust the temperature as needed.

You've probably seen touch technology in lamps and touchscreen devices. However, Delta now makes this technology available for plumbing, and you can have a plumber install the devices in your kitchen or bathroom.

The Benefits

The primary benefit of using a touch sink is pretty simple. It creates less mess, no matter what activity you're engaged in. If you have kids in the home who like to finger paint, dig in the dirt, or engage in just about any creative endeavor, you know how dirty little hands can get. With a touch sink, you can put the days of cleaning up after your kids clean up behind you.

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Image source: Flickr