A shower valve leak can lead to tile replacement


A shower valve leak can lead to tile replacement

A shower valve leak within the wall can cause significant damage to your home and lead to tile replacement. When ignored, even a small leak can have adverse effects within the wall cavity. It can be imperative that you act fast to minimize the damage a leaking shower valve can cause. The post below will discuss the signs that indicate a leaking shower valves as well as the potential damage it can cause.

What is a Shower Valve?
A shower valve also referred to as a mixing valve or diverter valve is a device located inside your shower wall that controls the flow of hot and cold water to your showerhead or tub faucet. Its primary function is to mix hot and cold water to the desired temperature when you turn its handle. Most shower valves include four connection points. Two are connected to both the hot and cold water supply lines. The other two are used to supply the showerhead and tub faucet when applicable. When these connection points develop a leak, water leaks inside the wall cavity, often going unnoticed until the damage is done.

Potential Damage
Water leaking into the shower wall cavity can cause the sub-wall, wall studs and sub floor to deteriorate and weaken. If this occurs, the tile walls become vulnerable due to their weakened support structure. Severe leaks can also damage drywall, flooring, baseboard and cabinets located near the shower as well as reduce your water heater’s energy efficiency. In addition, the wet conditions promote mold and mildew growth, which is a known health hazard.

How to Identify a Leaking Shower Valve
While a shower valve leak within the wall is hard to detect, there are signs that can alert you of a problem. Obviously, if you hear water dripping in the wall when the shower valve is in the off position, you have a problem. However, excessive mold and mildew growth on the control—shower valve—wall could also indicate a moisture problem. Moisture, mold or mildew on walls near or opposite the control wall, such as an adjacent closet may also point to a leaking valve.

Steps to Take
If you suspect a leaking shower valve problem, you must act fast to limit the damage. First, turn off the main water supply valve to your home to stop the flow of water. Next, contact your plumbing contractor and schedule an inspection. Many offer emergency service to restore your water as soon as possible. Often, they can repair the problem with little or no damage to your tile.

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