A Buyer’s Guide to Water Heaters

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A Buyer’s Guide to Water Heaters

When you're shopping for a water heater, it's best to select a unit that efficiently gives you hot water and saves on your energy costs. You will need to consider the different types of water heaters and what works best for you. Here's a guide to different types of water heaters.

Tankless Water Heater

This type of water heater is ideal if you use natural gas to heat your water. Heating coils are utilized to warm the water when you need it. In comparison to a typical storage tank, they use less energy. Keep in mind, the stream of hot water is restricted.

Heat Pump Water Heater

This type of unit takes heat from the air and transfers it into your water. In comparison to the traditional electric water heater, these consume approximately 60 percent less energy. These must be situated in a space where temperatures remain between 40 and 90 degrees since the unit cannot handle extremely cold places. You must have at least a seven-foot space since the heat pump is on top.

Storage Tank Water Heater

This water heater is common in most households. This is comprised of an insulated tank where the water is stored and heated until you need it. Additionally, there is a pressure relief and temperature valve which opens up if there is an overflow.

Condensing Water Heater

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These water heaters are an ideal option if you need a unit with a high capacity and you use gas. The condensing water heater has a tank similar to a standard water heater. The gases flow through a coil on the base of the unit which is where the incoming water absorbs most of the heat.

Solar Water Heater

This is a water heater that is situated on the roof. The water heater takes in the heat from the sun and transfers it to a closed-loop system that flows through the water tank. Having this type of water heater could give you huge savings during the warm months, however, you may not save as much during the colder temperatures. Also, it's possible that you could end up waiting for many years to win back the costs, even if you receive local and federal rebates.

Things to Consider When Buying a Water Heater

  • Brass VS. Plastic Drain Valves - These valves are located close to the base of the water heater. It's best to look for brass drain valves since they have more durability.
  • Digital Displays - Digital displays assist you with customizing the heater operation and monitoring levels. There are a few electric/heat-pump water heaters that allow you to set a vacation status. With a vacation status, the unit will only use the heat pump for maximum efficiency while you are out of town.
  • Warranty - The warranty for most water heaters are usually between three and 12 years. Even though you may pay more for extended warranty units, they have the tendency to contain larger elements that may heat up your water faster. It's best to select a water heater that has the longest warranty.

If you're thinking about a new water heater installation and are unsure of your options, contact the professionals at The Pink Plumber today!