7 Common Sump Pump Problems


7 Common Sump Pump Problems

As any homeowner with a sump pump will tell you, when these systems fail it can be a disaster that's as frustrating as it is costly. Fortunately, many of the most common problems come with warning signs that are fairly easy to spot. If you notice any of the below issues, it's time to call in the professionals.

1. Power Switch Turned Off

The power switch inside the pump can turn itself off due to an overflow or a random malfunction. If you notice your system isn't working, first check to see whether the switch is off. If your sump pump is turning itself off randomly, schedule a professional inspection.

2. Old/Outdated System

Your system could be merely outmoded. Like any appliance, sump pumps aren't designed to last forever. If your sump pump is more than 10 years old, it may be time for a replacement. If you don't know how old your pump is, how long have you been in the house? Did the previous owner keep good records? Watch for other warning signs, but you should consider replacement rather than repair if you notice any.

3. Frozen Pipes

If some of the pump's elements and discharge pipes are susceptible to the elements, the pipes can freeze. Frozen pipes can lead to terrible backups, and sometimes sump pumps will experience this, especially if they were poorly placed by the home's original plumber.

4. Wrong Size

Sometimes pumps just aren't the right size. A too-large pump can be forced to work too hard, and a too-small pump may not be able to keep up with the amount of water that's being generated. Incorrect pump size can cause serious problems later on.

5. Lack of Maintenance

When was the last time your sump pump was inspected by a professional? Improper maintenance and care can impair proper functioning. If you have no idea when (or whether) your sump has been inspected, it could have any number of undiagnosed problems that could lead to a costly system failure.

6. Lack of Power

Sometimes pumps cannot get a constant source of power, whether from a bad outlet or a failure in the circuitry. A lack of consistent power to the motor will certainly cause the sump pump to grind to a halt.

7. Poor Installation

Systems are improperly installed sometimes. If that's the case, your pump is more likely to suffer problems that lead to expensive repairs. If you notice shoddy craftsmanship or just want a second opinion, call a professional plumber to inspect your system.

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