5 Water Saving Tips for the Average Household


5 Water Saving Tips for the Average Household

It is always frustrating to open an unexpectedly large water bill. But you can lower your water costs by taking some simple steps. Plus, saving water has become increasingly important as the need to conserve water becomes ever more apparent.

Here's a list of five helpful water saving tips anyone can do. Whether you embrace one or more, you can save hundreds of gallons of water. Not only will you lower your utility bill, but you'll also help conserve one of our planet's most precious resources.

1. Turn Off the Tap

This is an easy one! Think of the times you've left the water run while brushing your teeth, lathering your hands or washing dishes by hand. Just turn off that tap, and restart it only when it's necessary. Simply shutting off the water while brushing your teeth can save 3,000 gallons of water per year. Obviously, this is a learning process, but you'll get used to it if you're consistent each time you use the faucet.

2. Take Shorter Showers

Everyone loves a warm shower in the morning, and no one is suggesting you give that up. However, a couple of water saving tips can make a world of difference. First, consider installing a water-saving showerhead, which can save the average family 2,900 gallons of water per year. Think of how much better your water bill will look after that! Also, consider using a shower bucket. That way, you can catch water while warming up your shower and use it to water plants afterward.

3. Conserve Toilet Water

You probably flush your toilet several times a day. Consider the old saying: "If it's yellow, leave it mellow." This obviously shouldn't be the case after every bathroom visit, but don't underestimate how much water can be saved. Use your best discretion with this rule. Also, speak with your plumber about installing a low-flow toilet. The average household could save up to $100 a year simply by upgrading to a low-flow model.

4. Reuse Water

Most people believe that water is spent after its initial use. But a few water saving tips can help you correct that assumption. For example, consider saving the water you'd normally discard after boiling pasta. You can use it in your sauce, or let it cool and use it to water your garden or houseplants. Additionally, consider installing a rain barrel. Collecting rainwater is a great way to conserve water in your home and save a few extra bucks. Finally, see if your locality allows the use of "greywater." This involves salvaging relatively clean water from spots like washing machines, tubs and showers to use for irrigation. Only do this with the help of a plumber.

5. Be Smart About Planting

Who doesn't love a beautiful garden? Thankfully, there are ways to make your plants just as beautiful while saving a bit of H2O. Tend to your plants in the morning, when the weather is cooler and less likely to evaporate the water. Also, consider washing the dog outdoors so your lawn gets some of that precious water.

Even one of these water saving tips can help you cut your water usage. For help saving even more water and keeping your utility bill low, contact The Pink Plumber today.