5 Plumbing Myths That Might Be Costing You Money


5 Plumbing Myths That Might Be Costing You Money

Social media posts and idea-sharing sites can sometimes dispense some good advice. On the other hand, those same sites also spread misconceptions that are not just wacky, but also downright damaging. Below, we'll debunk five widely believed plumbing myths that might be costing you money.

1. Myth: Putting Lemon Down the Drain Can Clean Your Drains

Reality: We've heard this one a million times. Sure, squeezing lemons down your drain might make the sink smell nice for a few days, but it will not clean your drain or protect it from clogs. In fact, the opposite is true: Doing this too much can cause the citric acid from the lemons to corrode your pipes, meaning that you will require maintenance more frequently.

2. Myth: Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets Save Time and Effort

Reality: Toilet bowl cleaner tablets are designed to clean your toilet with minimal effort from you. But the effort saved on these bleach-based cleaners will likely have to be repaid with more significant repairs. Toilet bowl tablets contain ingredients that can destroy your flushing mechanism over time. Instead of using these cleaners, spend the extra effort to clean your toilet with a brush.

3. Myth: Ice Cubes Sharpen Garbage Disposal Blades

Reality: Ice cubes are not a bad method for keeping your garbage disposal blades clean. However, it is an old plumbing myth that throwing the cubes down the drain will keep blades sharp.

4. Myth: Liquid Cleaners Efficiently Clear Clogs

Reality: Liquid cleaners are often advertised as a quick way to clear clogs from your drains. While these cleaners may clear minor clogs, they can also harm your pipes and your septic system. Further, they might not actually clear the clog for the long term, especially if you have a more serious issue. For significant drain problems, no bottled solution will cut it. You need to call a professional plumber for a video inspection that will pinpoint the source of the problem.

5. Myth: If Your Drains Run, They Don't Need Cleaning

Reality: You may think that the only time your drain needs cleaning is if you have standing water in your sink, shower or washing machine. But if you have a clog that severe, the reality is that you're far past the need for a cleaning. Pink Plumber's Hydro Jetter removes debris and buildup from your pipes. Regular removal of the materials that cause clogs can help prevent drainage emergencies.

Don't be fooled by these plumbing myths. Many of these tips and tricks sound too good to be true because they are too good to be true. Keeping your plumbing system working well requires solid maintenance. And with The Pink Plumber's hassle-free service, you won't have to work too hard.