5 Most Common Plumbing Problems


5 Most Common Plumbing Problems

The good news about common plumbing problems is that you'll notice most of them quickly. Problems such as poor water flow and clogged drains don't go easily unnoticed. If you experience plumbing issues, don't wait for them to resolve on their own. Get in touch with the Pink Plumber — we can get your plumbing back in action in no time at all.

Common Plumbing Issues Around the House

Here are five of the common plumbing problems that regularly occur in homes:

  1. Rising water bills. In many cases, skyrocketing water bills are caused by plumbing leaks. Take a look around the home and listen for drips coming out of sinks and tubs. Even a small drip can add up to a lot of wasted water and high energy bills. Plumbing leaks that occur under floors and behind walls are harder to spot. If you find leaks around the home, or you're worried that your plumbing might be leaking elsewhere, contact us for help.
  2. A dying garbage disposal. Some homeowners are unaware of the damage they do to their disposals day in and day out. Treating the device like your personal trash compactor is a surefire way to wear it down. Putting items like watermelon peels, celery and paper in the disposal only serve to destroy the blades and motor. Talk to a plumber about how to properly operate the device. Once the new system is installed, treat it right.
  3. Leaky showerheads. The shower caddies that many homeowners use are very handy, but overcrowding heavy items on the caddy places too much weight on the showerhead at the connection point. Eventually, the weight of the caddy will cause the threads to wear out, and the showerhead will start leaking. Worse, the showerhead could snap off the connection.
  4. Clogged drains. A number of activities commonly contribute to clogged drains. If you pour grease or fat down the drain, treat the sink like a trash can or dispose of household repair materials (such as caulking or paint), you're positioning yourself for a serious problem. Once these materials move down the pipes, they harden, creating a serious clog that can only be remedied by calling a plumber.
  5. Low water pressure. There's nothing worse than waiting what seems like forever for a weak flow of water to get the shampoo out of your hair. Low water pressure causes problems for homeowners trying to complete daily hygiene tasks and food preparation. It's possible that the faucet aerators are clogged, but other causes of lower water pressure can only be identified by a pro. Contact your plumber to conduct an evaluation and get to the root of the problem.

No matter what you're facing, the Pink Plumber can help you quickly uncover the cause of these common plumbing problems and recommend effective solutions. For answers to your questions, contact the Pink Plumber today.

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