4 Signs Your Roof Vent May Be Blocked


4 Signs Your Roof Vent May Be Blocked

Plumbing issues can be a frustrating occurrence, especially if you don't know exactly what the issue is. You only know that your toilet won't flush or your bathtub won't drain. Different home plumbing problems can exhibit similar signs, so it's important to call a professional to inspect your plumbing and identify the specific issue.

While there are several clues your roof vent may be blocked, these signs could also point to a sewer line blockage. Here are four signs that may mean you're experiencing a rooftop plumbing vent blockage.

1. Sinks and Bathtubs Are Draining Slowly

If the sinks and bathtubs in your home are unable to drain or are draining too slowly, your roof vent could be blocked. Check the drains for hair, food or other items that may be clogging them. However, never attempt to snake the drains with a hanger or other item, which could damage the pipes or worsen the problem.

2. You Hear a Gurgling Sound

Hearing a gurgling sound in your sink, bathtub or toilet is another indication a plumbing vent may be clogged. A gurgling could can occur when waste cannot move freely through the pipes. If you hear a gurgling sound, don't dismiss the noise, or the problem could worsen over time.

3. You Smell Sewer Gases

If your home suddenly smells like a sewer, contact a plumber as quickly as possible to remedy the issue. Smelling sewer gases can point to a serious blockage and usually means that something is blocking the roof vent. Sewer gas backup can create an unsanitary living environment that may be hazardous to your family's health.

4. Debris Is Visibly Clogging the Roof Vent

If you're experiencing any of the above plumbing issues, from the ground, you may be able to see if the roof vent is blocked on the outside. Trash, leaves, branches, sports equipment, birds nests and dead rodents are among items that can clog a roof vent. If a blockage occurs during a cold winter, it may be a sign of a clogged and frozen pipe. Removing these items is often a difficult and dangerous task, so be sure to leave this up to a professional.

If you are experiencing any signs of a plumbing vent blockage, don't attempt to fix it. You may end up harming yourself, misdiagnosing the issue or even worsening the problem. Contact The Pink Plumber to schedule an appointment with a professional plumbing service with more than 50 years of experience tackling all types of plumbing problems.