4 Reasons to Have a Plumbing Inspection After Winter


4 Reasons to Have a Plumbing Inspection After Winter

A freezing, harsh winter can be hard on your home and particularly, your plumbing. The worst part is that much of the damage caused by blustery winds and icy temperatures can go unnoticed until you encounter a disaster come spring.

Rather than waiting and worrying about what might happen, it’s a good idea to be proactive and schedule a plumbing inspection after a hard winter. Below, discover four problems that can commonly occur after winter. In these cases, a plumbing inspection could save you time, stress and money.

1. Leaking Pipes

What is the most common worry of homeowners when the temperature gets low? The fear of freezing pipes, of course. A frozen pipe occurs when water builds up, freezes and bursts pipes. If a pipe bursts completely, this is a plumbing emergency and will be obvious. However, a small leak, which is also a serious situation, may only be found with a postseason plumbing inspection.

2. Water Heater Malfunction

An especially cold winter means your water heater has to work much harder to keep your water hot. Once winter is over, it’s a good idea to have your water heater inspected to be sure it is working properly as you head into spring.

3. Sump Pump Problems

As you go about your daily life, major plumbing elements like the sump pump are often out of sight and out of mind. This means any flooding can occur without notice until it becomes a major problem. In cold weather, any water that may be standing in your sump pump can freeze and damage the pump. If this happens, much like a frozen pipe, once the water thaws, you may have a costly leak. A post-winter inspection can help prevent a costly basement flood.

4. Sewer Line Damage

Heavy snow and hard winter weather can do a number on the ground itself. This means whatever is underground (including your sewer line) can feel the effect. That’s why it is vital to schedule a home inspection. Tree roots, flooded ground and other unseen variables can cause significant leaks and cracks in your sewer line.

Cold temperatures can leave a damaging mark on your indoor pipes and plumbing that you aren’t able to see. To avoid headaches following a big chill, schedule a plumbing inspection. The Pink Plumber can inspect your plumbing, make necessary repairs and answer your toughest plumbing questions.