4 Reasons for Adding a Sauna to Your Master Bathroom


4 Reasons for Adding a Sauna to Your Master Bathroom

For some people, the bathtub and shower can be an oasis, a place where they can slip away from the noise and chaos of the day, unwind and feel refreshed. In fact, a growing number of people are adding saunas to their master bathrooms to make them more inviting and restorative. Here are some commonly cited benefits of a home sauna.

1. Health Benefits

Saunas have been in use for centuries as a means of bathing, relaxing and cleansing the body. While using one is relatively safe, it's always best to consult with your physician first, to avoid any issues for those who may have health concerns aggravated by the sauna's heat. Health professionals recommended that you drink plenty of fluids before stepping inside and that you make sure someone is present in case you become overheated. When used carefully, saunas have been shown to promote several health benefits.

  • Soothing heat may provide temporary pain relief for sore muscles.
  • Like steam from a vaporizer, steam from saunas may relieve nasal congestion, promoting better breathing.
  • Studies have shown that saunas can increase blood circulation and can get your heart pumping as much as walking.
  • Saunas help relax both mind and body.

2. Convenience

Owning a sauna at home means you don't have to travel to a gym, spa or hotel to get the benefits saunas may provide. And there are different options available depending on whether you prefer a traditional or an infrared sauna.

A traditional unit can be either dry or wet. A dry unit generates heat for a room via a stove or hot rocks. A wet unit also uses hot rocks, but they are doused with water to produce steam. A benefit of traditional steam saunas is the option to add essential oils to the water poured over the rocks, creating an aromatherapy session.

A second option is an infrared unit. The light from the unit generates the heat instead of electricity or hot rocks. Infrared saunas are generally more energy-efficient than traditional saunas. Both types of saunas produce similar effects on the body.

3. Property Benefits

A professionally installed and well-maintained sauna will probably add value to your home. Because they are considered luxury items, saunas can also be appealing to potential buyers. If you're planning to sell your home, you can ask your realtor to call attention to this feature in your listing information.

If you're considering a traditional or infrared sauna because of their health and relaxation benefits or because of their luxury appeal, be sure to consult The Pink Plumber about proper installation.