3 Ways to Prevent Hair from Clogging Your Drains


3 Ways to Prevent Hair from Clogging Your Drains

Many bathroom drain clogs share the same culprit: hair. As we shampoo and condition, a surprising number of strands can come out and slip down the drain. Over time, the hair forms a clump that prevents the shower from draining properly. Eventually, the clogged drain becomes completely backed up — talk about a nuisance!

But what can you do? Chemical cleaners can make the problem worse. Trying to fish the hairy clog out yourself isn't just unpleasant, you could damage your pipes. Perhaps give up showers? Not a chance. Your best bet is to call a plumber to unclog your drain. After that, follow these three steps to minimize the chance of another clogged drain caused by hair.

1. Cover Your Head

If you're taking a shower or bath but not planning to wash your hair, consider wearing a shower cap to keep it out of the water altogether. This will help keep your 'do intact while protecting your drain from an onslaught of stray hairs. Pulling it back into a bun, braid or ponytail is a good alternative if you don't have a shower cap.

2. Brush Before You Bathe

People with long hair and those with hair loss issues are most likely to lose hair in the shower. If you have long hair, brushing it before you get in the shower may help prevent a clogged drain. Brush thoroughly to remove dead hairs before they slough off in the shower. If clumps of hair tend to come out after you shampoo, try to gather these and set them outside the shower rather than allowing them to go down the drain.

3. Use a Catcher

Make sure your tub or shower drain has some kind of cover that catches the majority of hair so it won't slip down the drain. This is the best and most reliable way to prevent a clogged drain. Be sure the catcher fits your drain opening properly and has small enough holes to catch your hair sufficiently. If you have an old-fashioned catcher, you may want to consider one of the newer clog-preventing models available today. Remember to clean the hair off the top of the catcher after each shower.

Perpetually-clogged shower drains are inconvenient, and the cost of having them fixed can add up fast. For help preventing and fixing clogged rains as well as answers to all of your plumbing questions, contact the trusted experts at The Pink Plumber today.