3 Ways to Prepare Your Septic System for Cold Weather

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3 Ways to Prepare Your Septic System for Cold Weather

The holiday season can be especially rough on a septic system. Not only does the weather get harsher, but your system also encounters extra wear from seasonal visitors.

To keep your septic system working optimally this winter, you'll need to take extra steps to protect it. We've listed the three best ways to prepare your septic system for cold weather below.

Get it pumped!

It's important to have your septic tank pumped regularly. Pumping your tank removes all the waste within, including grey water that might otherwise freeze. You should pump your tank once every three to five years. If it's time for your tank, then you should do it before the weather turns if possible.

It's more difficult to have your tank pumped in the winter, especially if there are any emergencies or problems. The ground becomes harder due to ice and cold, making it much more difficult to access the tank. That being said, if you think your tank needs to be pumped, you certainly shouldn't wait until spring!

Inspect the lid.

When it was installed, you should have received a map detailing the location and layout of your septic system. Before the cold snap happens each year, we recommend giving it a thorough once over. In most homes, it's located between ten and twenty feet from the outer perimeter of your home.

This is important because any existing problems will be exacerbated by the temperature change. Check for cracks or holes and make sure the seal is intact and tightly secured. If you notice any problems, call in some professionals to replace the lid before existing problems get worse.

Protect the drainage field.

The last thing you should do to make sure your septic system maintenance succeeds this winter is protect the drainage field. Frozen ground and freezing temps can damage the septic tank severely.

Luckily, it's easy to protect the drainage field. Add necessary insulation over a two to three inch layer of mulch or straw over the drainage field. You could also purchase insulation blankets for the tank itself. Insulating the tank and field will protect against freezing damage.

If you need assistance preparing your septic tank for winter, give the professionals at The Pink Plumber a call. We have you - and your septic system - covered.