3 Risks of a Running Toilet


3 Risks of a Running Toilet

Are your tooth brushing and hair styling routines constantly accompanied by the sound of rushing, hissing or trickling water? Chances are, you've got a running toilet. This phenomenon occurs when one or more parts of the toilet fail to work properly. To the untrained eye, determining the root of this problem is often impossible, because flapper, flush valve, fill valve or ballcock could all be the culprit(s).

Unlike a clogged or leaking toilet, a running toilet may seem like more of an annoyance than a risk; however, unpleasant side effects can occur. Read on to discover three reasons why you shouldn't wait to call a plumber for repairs.

1. Increased Risk of Flooding

One major worry? A running toilet can quickly turn into a flooding toilet. If you have a septic tank, all of that excess water risks flooding the tank, which can lead to the saturation and failure of your drain field. The plumbing bill for this level of mishap is much higher than the cost of simply fixing a toilet that won't stop running.

2. Greater Chance of Blockages

If your toilet bowl isn't filling properly, your toilet won't flush properly either. These weak flushes can't send enough water down the pipes, which increases the odds that your bathroom's pipes will become blocked with waste. This blockage could lead to flooding at any part of your drainage system. As you can imagine, this scenario is smelly, unpleasant and costly to fix! Don't let your toilet reach this point.

3. Surprise Expenses on the Water Bill

You know all that water you hear? Unfortunately, you'll have to pay for every drop of it. Due to the large amount of wasted water, a running toilet can cause your utility bills to skyrocket. It's best, then, to have your toilet examined by a plumbing expert as soon as possible. The longer you avoid tackling the issue, the more expensive it can become.

A word of advice: If you suspect that you have a running toilet, never try to fix it yourself. Some websites promote DIY methods, but these tactics often cause more harm than good. Save yourself the hassle and additional expense by calling a professional plumber to deal with your running toilet before the problem gets out of hand.

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