3 Rather Unique Florida Plumbing Issues

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3 Rather Unique Florida Plumbing Issues

Florida's known for a number of things, including our unique weather. Despite our state's high humidity and rainfall averages, Florida's also the "Sunshine state." That unique combination of sunshine and precipitation creates our distinctively lush, thriving wetland ecosystems and helps our oranges grow!

Unfortunately, Tampa's unique weather and ecosystems create some unique problems, too-including plumbing problems. Working in Tampa and Sarasota, we frequently handle plumbing problems we're pretty sure virtually never happen anywhere else. These are three plumbing problems that happen particularly frequently here in Tampa:

Mineral build-up in pipes.

A lot of Tampa's water comes through the state's aquifer. This water tends to be very mineral rich. When mineral-rich water runs through the pipes in your home, it frequently leaves behind scaling. Scaling is basically just mineral build-up that coats the walls of your pipes and hardens.

If you don't invest in regular drain cleaning to remove scale, it can continue to build, cake onto the pipe walls, and harden. Eventually, scale deposits lead to clogs, flow constriction, pressure build-up, or even burst pipes. Mineral build-up happens very quickly in Tampa because we have a lot of porous rock and a lot of water to erode it.

Faster corrosion of pipes and connected fixtures.

Tampa's water is also highly-chlorinated. That's one reason why we recommend home water filtration systems for Tampa residents. All that chlorine can have a particular reaction to certain varieties of pipe, too. If you notice an increase in your water bill or corrosion on your plumbing fixtures, then your home's plumbing may need maintenance.

Some homes in Florida, particularly in Tampa and Sarasota, still have older copper pipes. The pH value and high chlorine content of the state's water may corrode old or worn copper piping. If you live in an old home in Tampa or Sarasota, you should make sure you practice regular preventative plumbing maintenance. If you're worried about how your water may be affected by corrosion or chlorine, consider investing in a water filtration system.

Pest problems.

Florida is one of the most humid states in the US. All this moisture creates a paradise for all kinds of different pests. Bugs, rodents, spiders, and other common household terrors are all terribly prevalent around Tampa.

Sometimes, these creatures are a little too attracted to sources of moisture. Pests may end up creeping into different plumbing fixtures and causing a ruckus. Ask any plumber in Tampa if they've had to unclog a toilet filled with frogs. They'll almost certainly say they have.

No matter what your plumbing problem is, The Pink Plumber professionals have the… experience to take care of it. Yes, even if there are a bunch of frogs in your toilet. Get in touch today to schedule your next preventative maintenance or service call. We've got you covered, no matter what Florida throws at you.