3 Methods to Keep Your Plumbing Free and Clear


3 Methods to Keep Your Plumbing Free and Clear

Are you struggling to keep the drains in your home clear of clogs? This is a problem for many homeowners. Often, people feel like they're at the mercy of their drains when blockages keep coming back. The truth is that you have more control over the situation than you think. Check out these three methods to keep your plumbing free and clear of clogs.

Natural Drain Cleaning Solution

If you have a small clog, try making a homemade, natural drain cleaning solution. Pour a small amount of baking soda into the drain and follow up with vinegar. Allow the solution to fizzle and works its way down the drain. Let the solution sit for about 15 minutes, even after the baking soda and vinegar mixture stops fizzing. Next, run hot water through the drain for about five minutes to dislodge any remaining buildup.

This method is a great maintenance option and works best before large clogs form. Cleaning your drains in this manner once a month goes a long way toward protecting your pipes from large clogs that lead to backups. Also, it's much safer and gentler on your pipes than chemical cleaners.


Drain Snaking

Another word for this method is cabling. It involves using a hand auger to cut through waste and other buildup that's making it difficult for water to travel through. This plumbing tool is easily bought at your local hardware store and is easy enough for most people to handle. There are also professional drain snakes that licensed plumbers use when responding to drain cleaning calls.

When using a drain snake, be careful because the metal part of the snake can scrape porcelain bowls. Also, if you've used a snake before and the problem keeps coming back, there's a good reason for this. Snaking a line doesn't clear away debris from all parts of the pipe. It simply channels a hole through the blockage. Therefore, it's likely that the clog will come back again in the near future.

Hydro-Jetting Service

If you don't want to risk damaging your toilet bowl and want a thorough cleaning, call your local plumber for hydro-jetting service. This service uses a piece of equipment called the hydro-jetter. This machine uses a water wand that emits a pressurized water stream through the affected pipe and scrubs the entirety of the pipe. This method is not only great for interior pipes, but works great on sewer lines, too. In most cases, it's a method that cleans pipes up to 36" in diameter.

Preventing Clogs

The best way to get rid of clogs is to not have to deal with them at all. You can do this by being careful about what you flush, rinse down the sink, and by having your drains cleaned yearly. Also, pay close attention to slow drains. This is a sign that a problem is forming and needs attention now.

Every day, people experience spillage and water damage from clogs. Don't let this happen to you. Be proactive and take action now. If you're unable to solve drain problems on your own, call The Pink Plumber today.