3 Kitchen Plumbing Technologies to Consider


3 Kitchen Plumbing Technologies to Consider

Upgrading your kitchen plumbing can enable you to save money in the long run while making your kitchen cleaner, more comfortable and easier to use. Here are three particularly useful upgrades that are well worth considering.

1. Pullout Kitchen Sink Faucet

There are many reasons why installing a pullout kitchen sink faucet is a good idea. For starters, a pullout faucet makes it convenient to fill large buckets or water plants around the kitchen sink. It's also far easier to wash large pots and pans with a pullout faucet than it is with a regular one. In addition, you can control the flow of water with one hand while attending to other important tasks with your free hand.

2. Sensor-Activated Faucet

Sensor-activated faucets aren't just for commercial restrooms. They are also ideal for home kitchens. These faucets not only help you conserve water but also boost your kitchen hygiene. If you have to turn on a faucet with dirty hands, it is inevitable that dirt, germs and grime will get on the faucet. When you turn the water off, you'll be touching the same germs that you were trying to wash off your hands in the first place. Sensor-activated faucets solve this problem.

3. Water Filter

Not every home needs a kitchen water filter, but many do. Some municipalities have more contaminants in the water than others. If you are concerned about the water you use for cooking and drinking, then installing a water filter under your kitchen sink is a good idea. These types of water filtration systems are more affordable than they were in the past. They are also easy to use, fairly inexpensive to maintain and effective in removing harmful components without taking out helpful components such as fluoride and minerals.

Some homeowners opt to install a whole-house water filter instead of one just for the kitchen. However, the truth is that most people do not need filtered water to shower with unless they have sensitive skin or are in poor health. If you want to save yourself the maintenance of a whole house system but are rightfully concerned about the quality of water you are using for drinking and eating, then a kitchen filter may be your best bet.

Upgrading your kitchen plumbing does not have to be costly or difficult. The new technologies outlined above are not only relatively easy to install but also helpful in creating a convenient, clean kitchen environment.

If you aren't sure if these or other upgrades are right for your kitchen, call The Pink Plumber today to find out more or schedule an appointment. We have over 50 years of experience in handling all sorts of plumbing jobs. Plus, we not only offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee but also donate a portion of all our profits toward breast cancer research.