3 Easy Ways to Combat Bathroom Smells


3 Easy Ways to Combat Bathroom Smells

The fixtures gleam, the shower sparkles, yet you still encounter unpleasant bathroom smells. No matter how busy your bathroom gets, you shouldn't have to endure the annoyance and awkwardness of chronic odors. Besides being unpleasant for you and your family, odors can be particularly embarrassing when you have visitors.

The good news is that banishing bathroom smells often doesn't take much effort, though it's sometimes tricky to locate the culprit. Read on for three easy tips to eradicate your bathroom's unpleasant odors. If these methods don't work, you may have an underlying plumbing issue — in which case, it's time to call in the professionals.

1. Clean Regularly

If you haven't given your restroom a deep cleaning recently, we recommend you start there. Over time, mildew and mold buildup can cause foul bathroom smells. Pay special attention to hard-to-reach places, including the area behind the toilet. Bath mats should go into the wash on a regular basis, and towels should be changed frequently. If you notice a buildup on your vinyl shower curtain, throw it into wash with some chlorine bleach to get it in shipshape. While you wash the floor, pay extra attention to the tiles around the toilet. Also clean inside the tank with vinegar or your favorite bowl cleaner and a bristle brush weekly.

2. Improve Ventilation

Poor air circulation can lead to stinky bathroom smells. After all, if the air isn't moving around, the odors aren't budging either. Install an overhead fan to prevent mildew buildup from steamy showers and minimize toilet odors. You may be surprised at how quickly proper ventilation sends bathroom smells on their way.

3. Air Fresheners

For tackling everyday bathroom smells, air fresheners are a lifesaver. While air fresheners don't eliminate the odors, they do mask them, which allows an unpleasant smells to dissipate naturally. Air fresheners come in many shapes and sizes, from spray cans to plug-in devices. If you're sensitive to chemicals, create your own air mist from purified water and a few drops of essential oils, such as sandalwood, lavender or wild orange.

If you suspect a plumbing issue is causing your bathroom smells, contact The Pink Plumber today. With over 50 years of combined experience, our expert staff will quickly diagnose and treat any problems with your home's plumbing. Call us toll-free at 855-866-7465 for our 24/7 emergency service. We operate out of four locations in the U.S., including Atlanta, Tampa/St. Petersburg and Dallas, and we donate a portion of every job to breast cancer research.