3 Common Causes of a Wet Yard


3 Common Causes of a Wet Yard

A wet yard is not only unattractive — it's a real nuisance. Just think about the muddy shoes, tracked-in dirt and patches of dying grass. If your yard accumulates excess water, it could be due to a variety of reasons. You definitely need to investigate further to pinpoint the cause, because you could have a major plumbing problem on your hands. Read on to find out some common causes of a wet yard and learn when you need to call in the pros.

1. Drainage and Other Landscape Issues

If you notice puddles lingering long after storms and watering sessions, you could have poor drainage. The soil in your yard might be compacted or rocky, in which case it probably needs to be amended in order to better absorb moisture. Your property may also have a grading problem, causing water to accumulate in the low spots. If you notice pooling water after you run your sprinkler system, there could be a break or crack in one of your sprinkler lines. If none of these factors are causing your wet yard, a plumbing problem might be to blame.

2. Water Main Leak

The "water main" is the pipe that runs from the water meter to your home. Standing water on your lawn can indicate a water main leak, especially if you've noticed a spike in your water bills lately. If you suspect a water main leak, call a trusted plumber to investigate the issue. Your plumber can help you understand what to do about the problem, including the process of dealing with local officials.

3. Sewer Line Leak

A broken or leaking sewer pipe can cause water and sewer waste to pool in your yard. If you have standing water that smells foul, there's a good chance this could be the case. If you suspect a damaged sewer line, call a plumber immediately before the problem gets worse and potentially costs more to repair. Sewage leaks don't just cause damage to your equipment and property — they can also pose a serious health hazard.

If you're dealing with a wet yard, contact The Pink Plumber to schedule a professional assessment from experts you can trust.