10 Tips to Conserve Water Right Now


10 Tips to Conserve Water Right Now

Water is a precious resource, yet it can easily slip down the drain unnoticed if you don't pay attention. When you conserve water, you save money and act as a steward to the environment. Consider implementing the following 10 tips for saving water in your home.

  1. Save unused drinking water. You know all of those half consumed water bottles and glasses left around the house? Rather than pouring their contents down the drain, use the leftover water to water plants or to clean. Keep a container for collecting water next to the sink.
  2. Have your home checked for leaks. Consult with a plumbing professional to ensure your home is leak free. A plumber will discover and fix any leaks or problems.
  3. Repair dripping faucets. A small drip may seem inconsequential, but the truth is that drips add up to gallons over time. For instance, according to the American Water Works Association, just one drip per minute amounts to 51.1 gallons of water a year. That's a lot of water to waste.
  4. Get the toilet checked for leaks. Have a plumbing professional check to see if any toilet tanks are leaking. If he determines that you would be better off replacing the toilet, consider that according to the Environmental Protection Agency when the average family replaces toilets, they save almost $2,400 total in water costs.
  5. Use faucet aerators with flow restrictions. Have a plumbing professional install these handy devices, which add air to the water flow. They cut down on water use and create a steadier stream.
  6. Run appliances when full. Clothes washers and dishwashers should only be run when fully loaded.
  7. Check soil before watering. Prior to watering indoor or outdoor plants, check the soil moisture level. Stick your finger in to the knuckle. Use a moisture meter or shovel to determine water readiness. Only water when the top 2 to 4 inches of soil have dried out.
  8. Mulch the garden. Mulching with products like shredded bark retains moisture in the soil, which cuts down on watering. Mulching also helps control weeds, which steal water from desirable plants.
  9. Use an instant water heater at the kitchen sink. Have a plumbing professional install a water heater in the kitchen so that you don't have to run the water for a long time just to get it to heat up.

10. Use a commercial car wash. Going to a car wash is a better option than washing your vehicle at home because commercial car washes recycle the water. If you do opt to wash the car yourself, do so on the grass so that the water isn't wasted.

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